You Know You’re a Liberal Democrat When… (Part 1)

  • Somebody has sworn at you over a) Europe b) Immigration c) Nuclear Weapons. Double points if somebody has sworn at you about all three at the same time.
  • You can explain the d’Hondt system.
  • You have engaged in a discussion over the worst injury you have ever received from a letterbox.
  • Hearing a sentence including the phrases, “The problem with Proportional Representation” and “strong government”, has an effect akin to the scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman sees the red mist before she kills someone.
  • You know who Sara Scarlett is (N.B this does not count if you actually are Sara Scarlett).
  • You have abandoned all pretence of going to conference events for any other reason than the quality of the canapés.
  • You know that a tough gig of elderly activists can always be calmed by the magic words, ‘Jo Grimond’.
  • When a little tired and emotional, you have a moment when you realise you’ve spent the last 20 minutes talking about social housing policy.
  • You have met Alan Belmore (see comment about Sara Scarlett).
  • Your abiding memory of election night was that look on Lembit Opik’s face.

More to follow!

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